Welcome to Grace

Grace Episcopal Church is located in Alvin, TX. We are a member church of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas; a constituent member of the Episcopal Church and the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Our Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide a welcoming foundation to worship God through spiritual, physical, and social communion, serving God in our church and community as disciples for Christ.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday,
9:00 am – 1:00 pm



Core Values

Today, Grace partners with over twenty organizations to bring a mobile food pantry to the grounds of Grace every week.  When the pandemic hit, in one week, we pivoted to a drive-thru mobile food pantry and Grace has successfully done this every week since March, 2020.  In two years, we have given away over one million pounds of food to 47,000 people.  We have expanded our food ministry which now includes a blessing box filled to capacity twice a day, a blessing refrigerator and a microwave warming station for our homeless population.

Holy Communion for the People of God

All Christians and children baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who receive the Sacrament in their denomination are welcome at the Lord’s Table. Come forward to the Altar Rail as the Ushers direct you and take the next available place. You may kneel or stand, though the custom for most of our parishioners is to kneel. Receive the communion bread from the Priest in your open right palm. You may then take the bread to your mouth, or, if you wish to receive by intinction (dipping), place the communion bread between the thumb and index finger of your right hand and hold the bread over your open left palm. This signals the Chalice Bearer to allow you to intinct the wafer into the wine in the intinction insert in the chalice. You may also choose to receive the wine directly from the chalice by gently guiding it to your lips as the Chalice Bearer presents it to you. If you choose not to receive the wine, simply cross your arms across your chest after you have received the wafer. The Church has long held that the Sacrament is effectual even when only one of the elements is received. Please return to your pew as soon as the next person has received the wine.

If it is physically difficult for you to come to the Altar Rail, please indicate this to an Usher and the Priest will bring Communion to you where you are seated.

If you, or your child(ren), would like to receive a blessing from a Priest at the Altar Rail, come forward just as you would to receive Communion and cross your arms across your chest, and/or instruct your child(ren) to do the same.

Our People

The Rev. Suzanne Smith, Rector

The Rev. Suzanne Smith came to Grace, Alvin, first as Deacon-in-Charge in July, 2018, after graduation from the Seminary of the Southwest with a Diploma in Anglican Studies in May, 2018. She was ordained to the Episcopal Priesthood in January, 2019, and since 2020, has been the Rector of Grace.

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree at A&M in Corpus Christi, she went to Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree, and was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church. In the first decade of her ministry, Suzanne was a practicing Hospice Chaplain, where she learned how to provide pastoral care at bedsides of patients transitioning from this world to the next. Listening to their stories, and telling stories of her own, she realized the power of sharing the Gospel in story form. Passionate about liturgy, she weaves scripture and story to communicate the Gospel today.

Suzanne is the proud mother of Luke, Noah and Andrew.  Together, they enjoy Cub and Boy Scouts, soccer and basketball.

Ed Carrette, Community Missioner/Planter

My way to the church came by way of a call to hospitality answered at an early age. My grandparents owned hotels in Guatemala and West Virginia. After they both graduated from Cornell University’s Hotel School, my parents returned to Guatemala hotel ownership, so that is where I grew up.

I followed in my family footsteps as I too studied hotel management, then for almost 30 years worked at some of the finest hotels in Texas.

One Sunday in 2011, the gospel reading was from Matthew 25:31-46. The reading and sermon that day brought about an epiphany for me. I felt a call to refocus my abounding enthusiasm for hospitality on those who don’t have the benefit of butlers, concierges, housekeepers, chefs, and door-men, for those who are overlooked, or unable to fend for themselves, for the invisible – the “least of these”.

Soon my path veered away from hotels, and I found myself in Galveston helping start a one of a kind marine and aquatic facility with programs where young people and people with disabilities would learn teamwork, leadership skills, confidence, maritime career path-ways and an independence of mind, body, and spirit.

Fast forward to the present day, and here I am as the Community Missioner/Planter at Grace. I bring 30 years spent in the hospitality industry to the church. Hospitality for me now extends to fostering community relationships and partnerships, and serving those living in some form of isolation or poverty in our area. For me, Grace is not the building, but what we extend as we open our arms outside its four walls to all of our neighbors, and especially those in need.

Craig Harland, Youth Minister

I found my way to Grace Episcopal Church through an invitation by a colleague. Even though it had been several years since I had gone to church, Grace Episcopal felt like home immediately. I have been blessed to be able to work with the Grace youth every Wednesday night in cleaning out our blessing box and blessing refrigerator. Before attending Grace, I graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Religious Studies and a minor in Psychology. I have also worked as a leader of other youth programs as well as a preschool teacher for three years. My hobbies include reading, watching films, and going out to museums. I am excited to see what opportunities arise for the youth at Grace.

Aubrey Smith, Children's Minister

Aubrey Smith is the children and youth minister for Grace Episcopal Church. She and her husband Michael were married at Grace on December 20th of 2014. They have a beautiful daughter named Helen, who was born on Christmas day the following year!

Aubrey came to Grace on the first Sunday in Advent in 2006 and immediately fell in love. It became a place where she found God again during a time when God seemed so distant to her. After some time, she got involved with the youth ministry as an adult volunteer and was hired as the interim youth minister in the fall of 2014. She was called to serve the youth at another church the following spring before God called her back to Grace in the summer of 2018. In her opinion, there is no greater work than investing in our children. She firmly believes that it is our biblical duty, it is our responsibility, and it is our honor as a church family to teach these children to know and love Christ, and she is honored to serve the children of Grace again.

You can contact her at aubreysmith@gracechurchalvin.org.

Paul Humphrey, Choir Director

Paul Humphrey came to Grace in October, 2016 as Choir Master and Organist. He has been involved in music ministry for 40 years. Paul had served as pianist, organist, music minister, handbell choir director, and children’s choir director.

Paul first started his ministry in his home church in Dumas, Texas. After feeling the call to music ministry, he was accepted at Hardin Simmons University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Church Music in 1993. Three years later Paul went to Texas A & M University in Commerce, Texas and earned a degree in Music Education.

Paul taught Junior High and High School choir for 17 years, but always worked in music ministry part time in churches during his teaching career.

Paul is married to Bill Alexander. They are certified as a foster to adopt home. They pray that God will send them a beautiful addition to their family. Paul and Bill enjoy cycling and spending time with family and friends.

2022 Vestry

Donna Tate: Senior Warden

Hughie Cowles: Junior Warden

Vestry Members:
Jolene Guilmet
John Wilson
Tom Summerville
Johneta Turner
Rachel Vrubel
Katie Garner